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50 Paintings Celebrating the
Roosevelt-Campobello International Park's
50th Anniversary

For details on this project, please see my Kickstarter page.
Scroll below to see the paintings! Video at the bottom of the page showing the process!

Click on thumbnail for larger version. Keep in mind that the original ALWAYS look better than the image!

Many of these have sold - Visit this page to see what's left

#1 - Snug Cove

#2 - Mulholland Light

#3 - Racoon Beach Rock

#4 - Glensevern Road Beach Swamp

#5 - Upper Duck Pond, Winter

#6 - Lake Glensevern, Fog

#7 - Roosevelt Cottage, Morning

#8 - Owen Head Trail, Rock

#9 - Raccoon Beach View

#10 - Raccoon Beach Trail

#11 - Con Robinson Point Rock

#12 - Owen Head Trail Tree

#13 - Liberty Point Rock

#14 - Hubbard Cottage

#15 - Roosevelt Cottage from the Dock

#16 - The Ice House

#17 - The Spring House

#18 - Sugar Loaf Rock (Liberty Point)

#19 - Lower Duck Pond

#20 - Eagle Hill Bog Fir

#21 - The Friar

#22 - Upper Duck Pond Rock

#23 - Fog at Owen Head

#24 - Farm Feeder Boat

#25 - Upper Duck Pond Sunset

#26 - Liberty Point Road Fir

#27 - Upper Duck Pond Marsh

#28 - Glensevern Swamp

#29 - Liberty Point Snags

#30 - View of Friar's Head

#31 - Lupines in Rain

#32 - Con Robinson Point

#33 - Apple Blossoms

#34 - Snow at Upper Duck Pond

#35 - Lower Duck Pond Roses

#36 - Eleanor's Dahlias

#37 - Liberty Point Lobstering

#38 - Eagle Hill Sunrise

#39 - Duck Pond Marsh Sunset

#40 - Cliff Tree (Raccoon Beach)

#41 - Friar's Bay, Painting Day

#42 - Park Lupines

#43 - Friar's Head Path

#44 - Foggy Regatta (from Friar's Head)

#45 - Ragged Point View

#46 - Con Robinson Point Fog

#47 - Lubec from Mulholland Light

#48 - Glensevern Road, Autumn

#49 - Rising Tide, Rising Cloud

#50 - Duck Pond Fog

#52 - Friar's Head in Winter

#53 - Mink Point, Fog


View the Video!

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park. A true international park administered by both the US and Canada, it was founded to preserve the legacy of the US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt spent many enjoyable vacations at his summer home on Campobello Island, in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy. His magnificent 34-room residence is today the centerpiece of Roosevelt-Campobello International Park, preserved as a memorial and as a symbol of the close friendship between Canada and the United States. Owned, funded, staffed, and administered by the peoples of both Canada and the United States, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park is enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Comprising some 3000 acres, the Park includes other historic cottages as well as a variety of natural landscape including quiet beaches, dramatic cliffs, meadows and bogs. I've spent several years now painting the cottages and the landscape in the Park, and it has become a significant part of my life as a painter.

I'm honoring this park and spreading the word about its beauty and message by creating a series of small paintings to share with others, first by exhibiting them at the Park for a short time. For the exhibition, I created 50 small (6x6) oil paintings on panel that depict the Park's diversity. After the exhibition (July 19-August 16 at the Park's new Fireside restaurant), these paintings will be shipped to backers, signed, framed and ready for hanging. Additionally, I am publishing a softcover book in full color that will include images of all 50 paintings as well as a personal essay on the Park's meaning to me. I'll offer signed copies of this book. Plus, I'll select 12 images to for a beautiful wall calendar for patrons to enjoy. Finally, I'll create a set of notecards (10 cards) that will give patrons the opportunity to help spread the the good word about the Park. 

I have had inquiries about how to purchase the paintings. Funding for the Kickstarter project has ended, but you can still buy one of these paintings. Here's the deal. People who signed on as Kickstarter project supporters are being allowed to select their paintings. If you are not one of the project supporters, you will need to wait until they have made their selections. Once all the supporters (there are 28 of them) have selected, I will offer the remaining paintings to the world. Price will be $100, which includes the frame. If you'd like to be notified when the remaining paintings are available, please sign up for my mailing list, which you can do here. I will send out a special mailing at that time, most likely in mid-July 2014.