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I'm proud to announce that all of my books are now available at Amazon!  You can visit my Amazon author site here to buy the books:  www.amazon.com/author/johnson. Amazon regularly has special pricing on the books, so check Amazon frequently!

The books are:

( At this point, I only have the paperbacks.  Kindle versions will be coming once I have time to work out formatting issues.  In the meantime, you can still order digital versions (ePub, PDF) from my Lulu store.


Through a Painter's Brush:
The American Southwest - Painting in the Four Corners States

Michael Chesley Johnson offers his artistic interpretation of the American Southwest in oil and pastel. In addition to a wealth of images (26 pastel paintings, 81 oil paintings plus 55 photos and illustrations), it includes essays on the landscape and on his artistic process. Two painting demonstrations are included along with a chapter on his materials and techniques. 130pp., full color.

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$40 Paperback + shipping

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Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel

How to paint outdoors by minimizing the hassle and maximizing the fun. Loaded with tips on equipment, materials and techniques that will benefit every level of painter. 164 pages packed with 12 demonstrations, 72 paintings and 125 illustrations.

$45 Paperback + shipping
$20 Download + no shipping

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Michael Chesley Johnson knows how to pack a lot into a small package – whether it’s his painting gear or a 5” x 7” landscape painting. Being a master of the essential is no mean feat. Michael Chesley Johnson’s latest book, Backpacker Painting will reward the attentive reader with a wealth of outdoor painting know-how for a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to outdoor painting in every season, day and night. - Carl Judson, Judson's Art Outfitters

I took it to our plein air group meeting and it was received with happy sounds. It's already loaned to a member ... the group was impressed and pleased with it. And this is not an easy group to impress. - Kitty Wallis

In the tradition of Rick Steve’s “less is more” guides for the traveler, Michael Chesley Johnson’s Backpacker Painting offers painters excellent guidelines for carrying the lightest load possible without sacrificing any of the necessary tools for a successful plein air experience. As well, the instruction Michael offers on limited (and lightweight!) palettes that can meet the color mixing needs of the landscape is sure to benefit artists looking to reduce the quantity of materials and time required to prepare for a painting trip. - Briana Ragone-Ball, Gamblin Artists Colors

Hi from downunder. Purchased your book "Backpacker Painting" online. Absolutely delighted with it. Enjoying the sensible writing and thoughtful tips. Congratulations and thank you. - John from Australia

Through a Painter's Brush: A Year on Campobello Island

A year's worth of paintings done on-location on this beautiful island in the Canadian Maritimes, plus essays on the painting process. 140 pages with 150 images, including 55 oils and 20 pastels.

$40 Paperback + shipping
$20 Download + no shipping

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Paint Sedona: A Plein Air Painter's Field Guide to Sedona, Arizona
2nd Edition

Also includes useful plein air tips and supply lists for oil and pastel plein air painters.
43 pp, 35 black-and-white photos of painting locations with map.

$10 Paperback + shipping
$7 Download + no shipping

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New Video Course!
Plein Air Essentials

Michael Chesley Johnson has put together an online video course that will show you how to get started in plein air painting. To sign up, visit Michael's course site.

Here are just a few of the videos you'll be able to watch, over and over again. More will be added!
Here is a preview of one of the videos:

Backpacker Painting: Oil on Location

The Oil Companion DVD to Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel

Join Michael on a painting adventure in the red hills of Sedona, Arizona. In this one-hour DVD, he'll show you how he paints a landscape en plein air in oil. You'll learn how to simplify the landscape and then finish with exciting color.

Now available from Artistsnetwork.tv - click here to preview/order

Backpacker Painting: Pastel on Location

The Pastel Companion DVD to Backpacker Painting: Outdoors with Oil & Pastel

Join Michael again in Sedona for this one-hour outdoor painting session in pastel. He'll explain his approach to handling value, design and color.

Now available from Artistsnetwork.tv - click here to preview/order