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Demo: Painting with a Monochrome Underpainting

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Layering "True" Color.
Once the underpainting dries, I go to my palette and select "true" colors to match the values that I
had picked for my monochrome underpainting. It's important to keep the values as close as possible.
I begin
with light scumbles so as not to fill in the tooth. I also re-establish my lightest and
darkest areas, taking care to note the sunlit tree in the shadows and the wedge of sunlight pouring in.

More layering.
I continue to work with the "true" colors. I begin to model the rock surfaces.

More Modeling.
I continue to model. I add in the lighter-colored layers in the rocks near the top. I start
thinking about adding "skylight" to the rock faces that are somewhat horizontal and which
would be reflecting the blue light of the sky.

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