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Demo: Painting with a Monochrome Underpainting

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Lightening Shadow Areas.
Yikes! (My students sometimes hear this techincal term when I come to look at their work
on the easel.) In the process of modeling rocks and adding reflected skylight,
I have gone overboard on the rocks at the base of the cliff. The reflections are too bright.
I'll correct this shortly. I'm also adding warmer colors -- yellows, reds -- into the distant lava plains.

I've toned down those rocks at the cliff base. (You can fix almost any problem in pastel!)
I also do more refining of the trees shapes down by the road. I start adding more and warmer
reflections to the vertical rock walls.

More refinements.
I add even warmer touches to the vertical rock walls. I add sharper detail -- cracks, crags -- to
the rocks. I also add some warmth to the tumbled-down rocks below.

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