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Demo: Painting with a "Local Color" Underpainting

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Continuing with "local color".
Still keeping my values accurate, based on my thumbnail sketches.

Refining the lights and darks, adding detail.
"Adding detail" is just a process of making the bigger blocks into smaller ones.
I smoothed out the water a bit. I use a vertical stroke with a clean
index finger to smooth. The reflection on the water at the far right in the
upper quadrant is a bit bright, so I will tone this down in the next pass.

More refinements.
I'm paying attention to leading the eye to the focal point. To do this, I start to add some
highlights to the green pond weeds to help drag the eye in. I also correct a problem with the
layers on the cliffs -- they didn't quite match up convincingly, so I revise geological
history and move them a bit. I also fix that reflection under the distant hill.

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